SABMiller India at the early stage calculated the return on investment before deciding to opt for ERP.  Within a year time they have started getting the results.  Some of the areas highlighted below that reflect the astuteness of SABMiller’s decision:

  • The seamless integration of modules created the clear visibility of every individual transaction and eliminated the duplication which resultant to speedy decision making especially to satisfy customer needs.
  • Cost of Sales are determined at the time of transacting Sales Invoice therefore the deal profitability and gross profit in general was instant and visible.  This enabled the management to analyze the business on timely basis.
  • Predefined selling pricing system helped operation in managing customers as per the classification.
  • Predefined controls on Debtors Accounts Receivable and Creditors Accounts Payable enabled F&A to have necessary ageing reports on timely basis and this in result provided visible cash flow.
  • Inventory movements became visible and instant. This supported the operation to control the purchases and deliveries and achieve better inventory turnover.
  • Forecast, budget and actual figures are reported on timely basis and necessary analytical reports are directly accessible by top-levels.
  • In view of all above, the Syspro ERP system in SABMiller increasing the efficiency, productivity and profitability.
  • The Phase-2 plan is under process and SABMiller is planning to gradually enhance the system with manufacturing, B2B, B2C and CRM modules available in Syspro.  This seems how a world-class ERP grows when business grows and how it allow user to follow the phase-based implementation approach.