IMPACT / Syspro™ ERP Solution:

IMPACT and Syspro ERP solutions are designed and developed by Syspro Group.   The foundation of Syspro ERP solutions were developed 25 years ago and traveled a long way of enhancements from Impact Award DOS based version to Encore™ GUI version and to the latest Syspro .Net version.  Syspro ERP solutions are design on componentization basis and used by more than 5000 small, medium and large sizes of enterprises all over the world. 


In order to maintain its presence and market share in the global ERP market, Syspro has been investing in development and enhancement that meet the modern business and technological concepts such as B2B, B2C, CRM, Engineering Change Controls etc.  Syspro comes under top 5-10 world-class ERP solutions.   On several occasions Syspro ERP has been bench tested and applauded by prominent institutions such as Price Waterhouse, AMR, PC Magazines and many more……………….

Syspro solution offers all the necessary ingredients a world-class ERP solution must offers such as seamless integration, User-friendliness, adaptability, intuition, navigation, users security, platform independency, future upgradibility.

Implementation Methodology:

  • After several discussions with the Top Management team, it was decided that the following approach  would be followed:
  • Define phased based implementation plan to suit the rapid business expansion, management and cultural changes, study infrastructure, customization and localization
  • Implement F&A and S&D modules and go-live at existing 5 operation sites in Phase-1
  • Initialize the pilot project at MBL and follow the project Management based implementation strategy and continue study on system architecture, manufacturing modulation, WAN and online data communication.
  • Identify and eliminate the ‘gaps’, expand Syspro in WAN environment, adapt advanced technologies such as .Net, define centralized and de-centralized business process,
  • implement consolidated management reporting system, and finally implement manufacturing and web-enabled modules, in Phase-2.