SABMiller - ERP Evaluation:

SABMiller has evaluated couple of local accounting packages as well as world-class ERP solutions.  SAP R/3 and Oracle Financials were found to be too big and costly solutions.  There were medium range ERP solutions such as IFS, SAGE, Great Plains and Syspro evaluated by SABMiller India.  They have also evaluated the low-cost local accounting packages such as IBS and Tally (previously used in MBL) and found that they are unable to meet the criteria as discussed in above paragraphs.

Preliminary Planning:

ERP implementation has certain risks, dependencies and challenges and SABMiller India too envisaged these challenges such as implementing ERP solution during rapid business expansion and change in corporate culture. Human behavior, users training, Cost, implementation timeframe, localization, infrastructure and data communication were few other challenges SABMiller took into consideration.   The only relaxation SABMiller had at the time of decision-making was the past experience and confidence in Syspro ERP.  Mr. Derek Kemp, then IT Manager SAB and Mr. David Kvalsavig the M.D. Mysore Breweries  decided to call upon the directors of Syspro and eZeesoft to discuss the possibilities of implementing Syspro.

The key issues were discussed in the preliminary meeting are as follows:

  • IT budget and investment plan
  • SABMiller’s expansion plan.
  • Immediate requirements and priorities
  • Phase based implementation plan

Before SABMiller finalized the selection of ERP solution, they had contacted the principal company in South Africa.  Syspro solution was implemented in SAB South Africa on the basis of RDS (Requirement Definition Study).   SABMiller found that the existing ERP structure, setup and coding, chart of accounts and core business functionalities are more or less similar to what is required in SAB India.  70% of the core functionalities found to be the same.  Finally it was decided to go for Syspro ERP solution.